Asian Test Equipments (Asian Impex- export unit), manufacturer of Test Equipments. Include Electrical, Automobile,Textile, rubber, plastic, paper,packaging, leather, footwear, Foam, wood,general, metal, etc. test equipments.
Paper Packaging Industries Testing Equipment
Belt Flex Tester
Crackness Tester Apparatus
Apparatus For Temperature Deflection Under Load
Compressibility Recovery Tester
Yarn Evenness Tester
Schildknecht Flex Tester
Paper Thickness Gauge
Sole Adhesion
Asion Toxcity Chamber
Martindale Abrasion Cum Pilling Tester
Crease Flex Tester
Indentation Hardness Tester
Ball Resilience Tester
Crockmeter For Leather
Bursting Strength Teste
Coated Bursting Strength Tester
Air Permeability Tester
Drape Meter
Cobb Tester
Conditioning Chamber
Bennewart Flex Tester
Humidity Chamber
Stiffness Tester
Toe Cap Impact Tester
Folding Endurance Tester
Water Vapour Permeability
Snap Pull Out Tester
Limited Oxygen Index
Universal Testing Machine
Round Cutter
Asian Elemdrorf Tearing Strangth
Gsm Balance
Smoke Density Tester
Smoke Visibility Tester
Plastic Testing Equipment
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